Upcoming runs

  • Spring Thaw April 28-30 2017
  •  Father Daughter Run Rubicon  June 2017
  • Wheeln’ with the Cops July 8, 2017
  • IMOSMO Rubicon July 2017
  • Sierra Trek  August 10 – 13, 2017
  • AAA October 2017 (possibly  Fordyce, Rubicon and Pipe Jam)
  • Winter Fun Festival    2018



12 thoughts on “Upcoming runs

  1. This is from Kurt B.I would like to join. Spring thaw was a blast! looks like I`m not the only one with a little damage. Main thing everyone’s safe.

  2. Hi I’d like to get involved with this this great group, I like some information and email address. Thank you very much

  3. It’s been awhile but we used to go to the Caring for Veterans Snow Run in Butte Meadows. Just wondering if it still happens or is there another event in its place?


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